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Review of Previous Events...

Book Launch Wednesday 29th September 2010, 7pm - free admission. Celebrating the publication by Palgrave Macmillan of 'The Troubled Mind: A Handbook of Therapeutic Approaches to Psychological Distress' by Susy Churchill. Wine and soft drinks will be served.

Susy Churchill is a freelance therapist, supervisor, consultant and trainer, with wide experience in mental health settings. She has supervised in adolescent psychiatric hospitals and outpatient teams for 15 years, also in specialise addictions and eating disorder services. She was previously Programme Director of Counselling Studies at the University of Southampton, and more recently Clinical Manager of an Employee Assistance Programme.

This Comprehensive textbook discusses how trainees and busy practitioners can best respond therapeutically to clients' mental health problems. Grounded in the latest research, it is rich with case material and analytical commentary and highlights key decisions regarding assessment and referral.

Assessment and Formulation
Clients Presenting with Depression
Clients experiencing Anxiety
Clients Experiencing Problems with Life Events/Stages
Clients who have problematic Substance Abuse
Childhood or Adolescent Problems
Clients with Disturbed Eating
Clients described as having a Personality Disorder
Clients showing Psychotic Features
Clients experiencing Problems with sexual or Gender Identity
Professional, Ethical and Legal issues

Book cover picture: The Troubled Mind

Local Food Launch Friday 3rd September 2010, 7pm - free admission. From 3rd September 2010, October Books started to sell local food. To celebrate, we held a tastings of local produce, and we had talks, discussions and a fruit & veg swap. We looked at the argument for local food. We invited guest speaker Sara Osman from Sustain: The Alliance of Better Food and Farming, to talk to us about the importance of local produce and its impact on our community. We also had a brief talk by Nick and Milena from Transition Towns Southampton on their own experience of a 100% local food diet. Around forty people attended, and some brought excess home grown or foraged fruit or veg to swap. Poster: local food launch at October Books

Book Launch Tuesday 8th June 2010, 7pm - free admission. We had the author, Tim Maltin, with his new book: 101 things you thought you knew about the Titanic ...but didn't! Some of the hidden details surrounding the doomed maiden voyage of the Titanic have been compiled into this book. Book cover picture: 101 things you thought you knew about the Titanic

Stall at Go Green Fair Saturday 10th November 2007, noon-6pm - free admission. This event was not at October Books, but the Avenue Church Hall, organised by Southampton Sustainability Forum) We sold environmental books, magazines, environmental cleaning products, and fair trade foods and drinks. It's the first event of it's kind in Southampton, and it went very well, with lots of people attending. We hope that it will take place every year. Kevin on the October Books stall at Go Green Fair 2007

Stall at Environmental Rock Saturday 28th April 2007, noon-6pm - free admission. For the forth year in a row, October Books had a stall at this event (not at the shop, but half a mile down the road at The Hobbit in Bevois Valley Road). It was a hot and sunny day - just as well since it was an outdoor event at the back of the pub. The Environmental Rock website gives you a good idea of what the event is about - www.environmental-rock.co.uk. As well as selling environmental books & magazines, environmental cleaning products, and fair trade foods & goods, we thought we'd sell some second hand books that had been donated to us - it seemed like a pretty environmental thing to do, even if the books themselves weren't on this topic. We had 20p boxes, 50p boxes and 75p boxes, and also sold them at 3 for the price of 2. They were extremely popular, and had lots of people browsing through them and buying them. Pictured is Steve (holding a bottle of SquirtEco environmental cleaner) who is one of our volunteers. He actually came up to our stall at this event the previous year, saying he'd like to volunteer for October Books. October Books stall at Environmental Rock 2007

Book Launch Friday 27th April 2007, 6.30pm at October Books - free admission. We celebrated the launch of Social Work: A Companion to Learning, edited by Mark Lymbery and Karen Postle (shown in photo on the right). Published by SAGE Publication. It's an exciting new text for students and practitioners.

Karen Postle has lived, worked and studied in and around Southampton for many years, and has been a long term friendly customer at the bookshop, so we were delighted to host the booklaunch for her new book, which should become a standard text in Social Work studies.

She did her CQSW (Old social work qualification!) and her PhD in Social Work Studies at Southampton University (and her first degree but that was in ancient times!) and has worked in Social Services in Southampton and Portsmouth and on the 'carers' helpline' for Hampshire. She's worked as a Family Mediator in Hampshire (voluntarily) and currently (but not very often) does voluntary work as a neighbour mediator in Portsmouth.

authors Mark Lymbery and Karen Postle

Book Launch Thursday 8th June 2006, 7.30pm at October Books - free admission. We hosted the book launch of Mo Foster's first novel: A Blues for Shindig. Published by Paper Books. Mo is the popular local author of plays and poetry. The event was very well attended - over 50 people turned up - thanks everyone! A Blues for Shindig

Book Launch Thursday 8th June 2006, 5pm at University of Southampton, Avenue Campus (book stall run by October Books). University lecturers Linda Ruth Williams and Michael Hammond launched three new books:

Contemporary American Cinema by Linda Ruth Williams and Michael Hammond. Open University Press.

The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema by Linda Ruth Williams. Edinburgh University Press.
"In this comprehensive survey of one of contemporary cinema's most popular genres, Linda Ruth Williams provides a roadmap to the exploitation cinema of the vidao age that is as lively as the movies it describes" Richard Maltby, Flinders University Press.

The Big Show, British Cinema Culture in the Great War, 1914-1918 by Michael Hammond. Exeter University Press.
"The Big Show makes a significant contribution to the history of British silent cinema and audience reception studies" Roberta Pearson, Director of the Institute of Film and Television Studies, Nottingham University.

Stall at Environmental Rock Saturday 13th May 2006, noon-6pm - free admission. This event was not at October Books, but about half a mile down the road from our shop at The Hobbit, 134 Bevois Valley Road, Southampton. For the third year running, we had a stall at this event (www.environmental-rock.co.uk) outdoors at the back of this pub in Bevois Valley. We had some environmental books, magazines, environmental cleaning products, and some fair trade foods and goods. It was mainly sunny, and the vibes were good. The best seller on our stall was the organic fair trade chocolate (Kaoka Dark and Kaoka Orange) so no surprises there! October Books stall at Environmental Rock 2006

Book Launch Monday 8th May 2006 at 7pm - free admission. We hosted the booklauch of Rebecca Smith's new novel A Bit of Earth. Rebecca is a local author whose previous two novels, set in Southampton, have sold very well. She has also taught on Creative Writing courses at the University. People who came along were offered a free glass of wine, and met the author. New novel by Rebecca Smith

Book Launch Wednesday 19th April 2006 at 7.30pm - free admission. Milan Rai held a book launch for his new book 7/7: The London Bombings and the Iraq war at October Books. His book is published by Pluto Press and costs £11.99. Milan Rai founded the British branch of Voices in the Wilderness and co-founded the anti war group ARROW, and its successor organisation Justice Not Vengeance. His previous books include War Plan Iraq : 10 Reasons Against War with Iraq, Regime Unchanged and Chomsky's Politics. In 1993 he was awarded the Frank Cousins Peace Award. Milan Rai's new book

Rebuilding Lives in Tamil Nadu in the aftermath of the tsunami Thursday 9th March 2006 at 7.30pm, free admission. Talk and slide show with Ravikularaman Ramasamy ('Ravi') of Pondicherry Fair Trade, and Bernard Carré of Southampton Fair Trade City Group. Widespread poverty in Indian fishing communities compounded the problems of recovery from the tsunami. In the words of a recent OXFAM report, "The majority of people who suffered lived on the margins, on the edge of both the sea and of society". Ravi described the struggle to rehabilitate and establish livelihoods for these marginalised people. He spoke with more than twenty years’ experience of rural poverty relief in South India. Ravi also brought over the new October Books fair trade unbleached cotton bag, supplied by Pondicherry Fair Trade, which sells at £2.50. Pictured on the right is Ravi at the talk. Ravi

Book Launch Monday 6th March 2006 at 7pm, free admission. October Books held a party with a free glass of wine/soft drink to celebrate the publication by 'How To Books' of the new edition of Healing the Hurt Within: Understand Self-Injury and Self-Harm and Heal the Emotional Wounds by Jan Sutton, the well known local counsellor and author. Jan Sutton's new book

Book Launch 2nd November 2005 at 7pm, free admission. Alison Waines held a book launch for her new book 'Making Relationships Work: How to love others and yourself' at October Books. Her book is published by Sheldon Press and costs £7.99. People met the local author and had a free glass of wine and delicious nibbles, and were able to buy a signed copy.

Alison is a Southampton author and counsellor, who also runs the popular 'Meditation for Self-Esteem' classes on The Avenue in Southampton. Her new book is about how to create a lasting relationship with that 'special' person. It explores the negative patterns we often repeat in relationships (and how to break them!), the vital role of self-esteem and how to develop the ingredients of a lasting, loving partnership. With over 30 reflective exercises, this book is also an ideal resource for counsellors.

We still have the book available in the shop.

Alison Waines' new book

Harry Potter Day July 16th 2005, the day that "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was launched. It gave our staff and a few volunteers a good excuse to dress up. Here's a photo of Liz and Kevin at the October Books counter... Liz 'n' Kev in costume

Book Party with Steve Vincent took place on 8th June 2005 (free admission) celebrating the publication of 'Being Empathic: A Companion for Counsellors and Therapists' by Steve Vincent. Steve has been a long time counsellor trainer, mainly based at Southampton City College. He writes from within the 'Client-Centred' tradition of Carl Rogers. Being Empathic

Book Signing and Cookery Demonstration with Rose Elliot May 26th 2005, coinciding with National Vegetarian Week. Rose is a vegetarian cookery book writer who lives in Bishopstoke (near Eastleigh). The event was very well attended - we estimate that around 45 people turned up. Afterwards, we all tried the tasty food that she had prepared, and people bought Rose's cookery books which she signed. Admission was free, and the food was free too. People who bought Rose's 'Vegetarian Supercook' at a substantial discount also were given a free copy of Vegetarian Britain (a guide book on veggie cafés, restaurants and B&Bs in the UK). Our thanks to Allsorts Psychic Café, the veggie café at 22 Carlton Place, Southampton, for lending the electric hob without charge.

On a related subject, take a look at the October Books vegan mail order catalogue - all items are also available to people who call in the shop, for which there is no postage charge.

Rose preparing the food

One of our most popular events The best bit... free food to try at the end

Stall at Environmental Rock This event was not actually at October Books, but was about half a mile down the road from our shop. For the second year running, we had a stall at this event (www.environmental-rock.co.uk) on April 30th 2005 at the Hobbit, a pub in Bevois valley. Volunteers looked after the stall, which highlighted environmental books, magazines and badges. It was a warm and sunny day, and the event attracted a huge crowd of mainly young people. Our stall at Environmental Rock
Our stall at Environmental Rock

Book Launch Party for Novelist Martin Corrick April 27th 2005, free admission. Here, we celebrated the publication of Martin's most recent book: After Berlin. After Berlin book cover

Fair Traders - Rebuilding Lives in Tamil Nadu. In March 2005, Bernard Carré of Southampton Fair Trade City Group presented a talk and slide show as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. After the tsunami struck the coastal villages in the area of Pondicherry, in South-East India, the Pondicherry Fair Trade producers were amongst the first to bring support to the devastated communities. The talk illustrated the work they have already undertaken, the tasks ahead in helping the traumatised villagers - and described how we can all help. We were very pleased that around 30 people turned up, and the fair trade candles handmade in Pondicherry supplied by Bernard Carré sold very well after the talk. We still have a good selection of these candles available in the shop. Bernard Carré, snapped just after he presented his talk
Bernard Carré at our Fair Trade talk and slide show

For the last two years customers had the chance to buy fairly-traded Christmas presents at our fair trade Christmas evenings in December, along with free mulled wine and minced pies/Christmas cake.

Caroline Lucas, the Green MEP, did a book signing for her book, 'Green Alternatives to Globalisation' in June 2004, which brought a big crowd to October Books.

Anita Roddick, founder of Bodyshop, gave a talk in November 2003 about green business and changing the world, while reading from her new in-house publications, 'Revolution in Kindness' and 'Brave Hearts, Rebel Spirits'. Among the packed audience were two people who had travelled all the way from Spain to meet Anita.

When Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out in June 2003 we had to open at 7.00am to cope with the numbers of people wanting to get their copies. By the end of the day we had sold over 400 copies. We were also lucky enough to have JK Rowling's Autograph to give as a prize in a children's writing competition.

Rob Newman, author of 'Fountain at the Centre of the World' and 'Dependence Day' read from his published works during his stand-up comedy act at the Talking Heads (a pub in Portswood) to celebrate the opening of our new shop in Portswood Road in May 2003.